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Your clients need a modern and efficient way to quickly shop for individual insurance. We are excited to bring you Healthchoice, a revolutionary tool to help your clients streamline their insurance shopping and enrollment. 

  • Entirely cloud based – Your private exchange allows your client to shop insurance at anytime and from anywhere.
  • All Devices – your private exchange is accessible on any internet powered device.
  • One-Stop-Shop – Your private exchange will do the heavy lifting. 
  • Plan Selection – Your private exchange displays the plans you want, from carriers you are appointed with.
  • Employer Support – Your private exchange is designed specifically to assist you in enrolling all eligible employees.

  • Meaningful Reports – Your private exchange allows you to sort, filter and export all quoting and enrollment activity.

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Today’s employers are looking to their agents for benefits guidance. Healthchoice provides all of the tools you need to support any employer looking to offer a contribution towards individual medical insurance.

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Do you need to enroll employees in individual coverage?

ICHRA by the Numbers

A GAMECHANGER for businesses and organizations

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Viable in all 50 States, and across state lines.

Benefits of ICHRA for an Employer

Health insurance costs are skyrocketing and employee attraction & retention is more valuable than ever before. ACA compliance is leaving employers exposed to significant fines and its mandates are quickly eroding employee compensation. One-size-fits-all group insurance plans simply aren’t meeting employee’s needs.

  • Flexibility – ICHRA allows employers to offer levels of benefit per employee class.

  • Attraction/Retention – ICHRA allows employees to choose a health plan tailored to their specific needs.

  • Controlled Costs & Risk – ICHRA allows employers to take control of the insurance spending, contributions, and risk.

  • ACA Compliance – ICHRA plans meet the standards of Minimum Essential Coverage, Minimum Value, and Affordability.

  • Tax Efficiency – ICHRA helps employees pay for their individual health insurance premiums tax-free, not impacting their taxable income.

  • Administration – With a benefits administrator, ICHRA eliminates businesses working between insurance companies and employees.

ICHRA is different than a traditional HRA for two reasons. First, an ICHRA can reimburse individual insurance premiums, whereas an HRA cannot. Second, an ICHRA works with individual insurance plans, while an HRA can only be used with a group health plan.

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EASY TO USE – We’ve sold individual policies for years and have used just about every exchange software out there. Healthchoice is by far the best solution for selling individual medical insurance. It’s made our client’s transition to ICHRA seamless.

WOULDN’T WORK WITHOUT HEALTHCHOICE – over half of our clients are considering an ICHRA over traditional group medical insurance and Healthchoice means our workload as agents gets cut in half.

MY CLIENTS LOVE THIS – every one of our clients who’ve used Healthchoice commented on how easy it was to use and were grateful for us providing it.

REPORTS – we are a medium sized general agency and have agents on our Healthchoice exchange in several states. Healthchoice provides reports specific to each agent as well as any groups the agent may be working with. We rely on Healthchoice to be able to provide a true exchange experience to our agents.


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